Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold

Rainbow Riches Cheats

Like many players, you might have wondered if there are any Rainbow Riches cheats. You may have even heard from a buddy or acquaintance that claims to know how to cheat Rainbow Riches. These claims are unfortunately just rumors. If you're looking for Rainbow Riches cheats then we're sorry to disappoint you but they simply don't exist.

Why are there no cheats for Rainbow Riches? Well as you probably know, there is no skill to playing slots such as Rainbow Riches and there's nothing you can do to get an unfair advantage. The software that runs Rainbow Riches has been extensively tested and audited by 3rd party companies and if any Rainbow Riches exploits or cheats existed they would never make it into live games. Keep in mind that the casinos try to find a good balance between letting players leave happy and letting them win some money. In the long run the casinos need to come out ahead to stay in business.

Rainbow Riches Tips and Tricks

Even though there are no cheats for Rainbow Riches, there are some tips and tricks we can give to help you get the most out of your Rainbow Riches play.

Tip #1: Try to play slowly and as little as possible to maximize your enjoyment.

Tip #2: If you get a large win, withdrawing some of your earning to "lock in" your win.

Tip #3: Play Rainbow Riches slot online rather than offline for better pay out percentages and better bonus frequencies.

Tip #4: Take advantage of all the free spins and bonus cash available from online casinos. Take a look at the Rainbow Riches homepage for a list of trustworthy casinos with bonuses available.

Rainbow Riches Myths

Myth #1: Rainbow Riches goes through a predetermined cycle of payoffs. Once the cycle reaches the end it will repeat itself in the same order as the prior cycle.

Fact: This is false. Each spin is random and independent of past spins.

Myth #2: Rainbow Riches and other slots play looser during slow hours and tighten up during busy hours.

Fact: Even if casinos could do this, they wouldn't go through the trouble to do it.

Myth #3: Rainbow Riches is programmed to pay off a certain percentage of your stake. Therefore, after a jackpot has been hit the game will tighten up to get back into balance. Conversely, when a jackpot hasn't been hit in a while it will be more likely that the jackpot will be hit.

Fact: This is not true. As already mentioned, each spin of Rainbow Riches is independent of past spins. A spin of rainbow riches is always the same regardless of how much has been paid out on the last spin or in the last hour, day, or any period of time.